50+ Years of Experience

We have learned the hard lessons. We know how to grow succulents with the most vibrant colors, the hardiest leaves, and the healthiest roots.

Experienced Employees

When it comes to greenhouse growing experience matters. For over 50 years we have trained our employees on how to produce only the highest quality cacti & succulents.

Large Cutting & Seed Stock

With 50+ year old mother plants, we have the ability to offer a wide range of cactus. In addition, we have a significant cutting stock that we can draw orders from.

The Story of

California Plant Company

In 2009, Darin Pines foresaw a demand for high-quality Aloe Vera and Jade succulents that were grown in the proper environment. Joining forces with Thomas Britsch, Darin started California Plant Company AKA “CalPlant” to produce the best Jade and Aloe Vera plants in the United States. Thirteen years later, CalPlant boasts 4 locations across 95 Acres that focuses purely on the propagation and growth of Aloe Vera, Jade, and Ficus Ginseng.

Around 2012, Darin Pines noticed a rise in demand for Organic products. To pursue this demand, CalPlant began growing Organic Aloe Vera by completely removing chemicals from its growing process. The result: CalPlant is the only grower able to mass-produce hardy thick leaved Organic Aloe-Vera.

Fun Facts About CalPlant:

- CalPlant has the largest Aloe Vera Field in North America

- CalPlant is the largest grower of Jade in North America