Echeveria Succulents

With year-round sun and a temperate climate, San Diego County is the only place in the United States that can produce Echeveria succulents with intense and vibrant colors.

With all of our locations primarily in North County San Diego, we can propagate Echeveria succulents that produce vibrant colors that can't be replicated anywhere else in the country.


Cactus Plants

Growing cacti plants is incredibly difficult. When growing cacti from seed or a cutting, it takes an experienced grower to stop a cacti plant from rotting.

With 50+ years of experience, we have mastered the process of cacti propagation. Now equipped with new seeding automation and a large seed stock with 50+ year old mother plants, our ability to mass produce cacti is unmatched.

Once a cacti plant has established roots, it is one of the hardiest houseplants. Cacti plants have a great shelf life and will survive in almost any condition.


Dish Gardens

When we plant our dish gardens we use tall full varieties in the back and colorful vibrant Echeveria succulents in the front. This process allows us to create colorful and vibrant dish gardens that will fly off the shelf.

HArdy Thick Leaved

Aloe Vera

We have the ability to produce the best Aloe Vera in the United Stated. What makes our Aloe Vera different? Aloe Vera from CalPlant is thick and hardy. Most growers secure their Aloe cuttings from tropical oversea countries. These cuttings are skinny. This creates an Aloe Vera plant with thin weak leaves. On the other hand, our Aloe Vera cuttings are propagated by us in the imperial valley. Our Aloe cuttings are strong and thick. This allows us to grow an Aloe Vera plant with thick hardy leaves that consumers can actually cut and use.